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Jan 7, 2013 7:00am EST
. host: don williamson may have follow up. any questions about -- any answer to his question about the estate tax, giving gifts to his kids? guest: there is a whole other regime of taxation in this country called the estate tax, and there are gift taxes that go with it. those rules -- there was a time where, in 2010, there was no estate tax in this country, and it was a wonderful opportunity that died, came back in 2011. it was going to come back in 2012 were only people making more than $1 million would be subject to the estate tax. that law has been changed to permit $5 million to be -- even if your viewers feel they do not have anything approaching $5 million, were one spouse to pass away, it behooves the surviving spouse to file a state tax return for the deceased spouse, even though the threshold has not been met. that is to use the unused exclusion on the state tax to be available to the second spouse when he or she passes away. that is a little-known provision in the law that many middle income americans or people who do not consider themselves wealthy will need to consider, tha
Jan 14, 2013 7:00am EST
creating the crisis decades later. host: don is next from clifton, virginia. caller: a good time to segue the early seeds being sewn. things like the community reinvestment act and barack forced banksneys to make it substandard loans. if the regulators had left the banks alone, the government do- gooders, we wouldn't have had all these problems. teargassed is calling for more government involvement and i think that is wrong. host: a chance to respond. guest: when you have a crisis that was this devastating and harmed this many people, i don't think the answer is to go about allowing these institutions to continue down that same path. i have not suggested are called for greater regulations of financial institutions. i have believe that we need to have regulators who have an appetite to regulate. we did not have that during the 1990's.d h0's and the there was a sense that deregulation was the answer and that government was the problem. this led to a free-for-all and a wild west in lending that created these problems. i agree with your caller in that the government did set out to promo
Jan 13, 2013 7:00am EST
analogies senator hagel -- that you might make with him is don rumsfeld and the challenges he faced as defense secretary for president bush. they were looking at declining defense budgets. he began talking about the importance of applying technology and intelligence, is changing the way we achieve security to leverage power in ways that have never been done before. y of talkingake about this. there is the vietnam question. as you look forward, what about him makes him right? he has been working with the intelligence side of national security. he has been looking at the way to change the way the nation achieves security to transform the pentagon into something different. i think it was captured nicely in the 2005 interview. guest: a couple of points. don rumsfeld was struggling with how to change the pentagon. the way he wanted to change it left us a less repressive -- less prepared for dealing with 9/11. he wanted to cut the army and was reluctant to build it up. it made it more difficult for folks to deal with afghanistan and iraq. you want to be able to move ahead and take advantage
Jan 8, 2013 7:00am EST
for waiting. caller: how john brennan plan don meeting the perceived asian tilt. how the ca plans on tackling that -- how the cia plans on tackling that. guest: the cia does not make foreign policy. to focus on a failed state where we have reason to believe that a loss of terror organizations are training. these are important things to do. the cia's role is to provide intelligence on these parts of the world and not to make policy. i'm betting that too much of our intelligence is tackle. it is focused on who is coming over the next hill in the battlefield. most of our intel assets into afghanistan and iraq. it is a good idea to restore some of our focus in other parts of the world, including asia. as a former policy maker, i would hope this rebalance toward asia will not focus on how we make relationships with china and others more difficult. i would hope it would help to join in the region to create a larger trading relationship and to better understand ways in which we can become close friends with china. i think that will be in everybody's interest and gives us information abou
Jan 11, 2013 7:00am EST
, it is just not right. that is all i have to say. host: alaska, this is don on the independent line. caller: i am a big fan of obama and timothy geithner. when all of this took place, i am an older guy. i am 83. i was watching everything clear back to the scandal with the prime lending trouble that we had. this is not the gist of the problem. the just of the problem was that somebody came in when they were badly needed and straighten everything out and it was not very pretty. it was even worse before he tried what he did. obama is a scholar. he studied what franklin delano roosevelt did. i lived through the depression. it was not really that great to tell you the truth. i was a little boy, but i can remember it very well. this is what franklin delano roosevelt did it, too. people who changed things have to step on some toes and heard some feelings. what obama did, but timothy geithner did, and what the people did at that time got us out of trouble. we have a bunch better economy now ford obama's second term that we had in the beginning. host: there is a picture of in the paper that
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Jan 12, 2013 11:00am PST
. remember reagan had don regan first and jim bakker, and bob ruben of goldman sachs. this is a washington oriented pick. >> one of the things i find troubling about jack lew not so much his ideological east lansing are obviously going to reflect those of the president, but the treasury secretary should have a vision of what the largest economy in the world wants to do. >> paul: still. >>, but wants to do in terms of a vision, an international vision and jack lew has a, basically experience, keeping the books. even when he was at citibank, you know, his job was sort of an operations manager, even though he got a huge bonus right on the heels of the big bailout, but he doesn't have the experience of someone who could lead in terms of the u.s. economy, its role in the world, on the international stage, i find that troubling. but barack obama is not thinking in any sense in traditional ways about the treasury secretary or these ideas about the economy. to them, the economy is a kind of concede his job is to send revenue to washington. and they have argued that lew's expertise in fiscal matter
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6